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For Corporates

ExamStrong offers you effectual solutions to test your workforce in varying capacities.

Whether it is your existing workforce or candidates vying for vacant positions in your organization, ExamStrong gives you the opportunity to assess them on a wide range of criterions & acquire professionals with the competence to blend with your company’s mission. By leveraging ExamStrong, you can employ internal assessments to evaluate employee progress by judging them on their intelligence, skills & behavioral traits in order to decide whether they can prove to be a good fit for your organization’s ventures. Our mission is to help you choose the right person for the right job and also help streamline the assessment needs for your learning and development programs to better accomplish business goals.

For Corporates
For Academic Institutions

For Academic Institutions

ExamStrong aids academic institutions for infusing authenticity into the online assessment process.

By enabling students to utilize the on-demand proctoring system, we make it easy for educators to evaluate their student’s knowledge and understanding. Ensuring student identity verification along with maintaining a secure exam environment are also a part of Examtrong’s endeavor of providing a world-class testing solution. Our initiative of integrating online proctoring solutions to learning platforms has also added flexibility to a student’s schedule. Getting certified has become a hassle-free job for candidates as ExamStrong’s online assessment software allows them to take an evaluation at any time & place of their convenience. The exams go without any fraudulent activity, therefore, students get the extra advantage of sitting exams without having to visit the school campus.

For Certification bodies

Inoculating integrity to e-learning, the certification assessment solution offered by ExamStrong provides a safe & sound testing environment for preventing any disruptions during the exam.

As the world is changing by the minute, the ways of assessment have to change as well. Therefore, ExamStrong has been working towards providing as much flexibility as possible to candidates taking online certification courses. Our online testing platform is easy-to-use & gives a chance to learners to take an examination from the comfort of a place of their preference. So, it doesn’t matter which part of the globe the candidates belong to, you have the benefit and advantage of conducting any certification related assessment conveniently, across the globe 24x7.

Online Testing Platform For Certification Bodies
For Government/ Public sector agencies

For Government/ Public sector agencies

The ExamStrong network collaborates with national, provincial governments and their representative bodies, and offers a variety of testing solutions for their workforce skilling initiatives.

We support Governments and Public sector agencies in making their hiring and evaluation processes more transparent, objective, efficient and leaner. ExamStrong also offers customized solutions for the requirements of partner governments, helping them address their key needs like development of internationally certified workforce; affordable certification of companies for enhancing their global competitiveness and adaptation of international certification standards. ExamStrong takes pride in providing exclusive project–related examination facilities for its government clients.

For Training Outfits

ExamStrong offers you the facility to conduct
an array of examinations to assess a person on multiple parameters.

Whether it comes to mock-tests, entrance tests, chapter-wise exams or scholarship exams, we provide you with all the primary services related to testing. Our online assessments platform is easy to follow & cost-effective. So, you can leverage our product with comfort, without having to go over your budget. ExamStrong’s mission is to provide an unparalleled experience in testing, endorse authenticity and generate people’s faith in your courses.

Online Assessments Platform for Training Outfits

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